We at A&M Campbell have been painting and decorating in London for over 40 years we are good at are work and we enjoy it too if you are wondering how to find a good decorator near me, well here i am, are quality of workmanship is the best we can offer no short cuts with us, are jobs are not complete until i am happy with the work, also we need are clients to be happy too as we have pride in are workmanship.

we don’t always get the jobs we price for that’s because so many other decorators are also competing with the same job, some customers will choose a quick paint job over a good quality workmanship finish, this is always a problem for the client as it will leave you very dissatisfied in future dealings any other decorators, however we can’t compete with that type of work because we at A&M Campbell are and always shall be quality workman, we don’t do half measured jobs, if you need a quality workman that is really what you must pay for.

If you look at the car industry you will see varied cars ranging from a second hand mini or top ranged mazartti, well  we would like you to think of us as the Maserati of the building trade, but not with the price tag, even though we are quality decorators we never overstep our prices, we still compete with other decorators in your area meaning we will try and give you a good deal for the services we have to offer,  and always remember if you want a good job done you have to pay a little bit more, that way you will be happy because our quality of work is second to none, and we want to give the best we can offer all our clients.  

Please don’t be fooled by standard decorators giving low prices, remember if it’s too low a price then they are cutting corners with inferior paint and inferior fillers, we use trade paints from well-known companies: Dulux, Leyland, Johnston’s. Also always ask for a quote as it is legally binding between you the customer and the painter and decorator.

A decorator when giving a quote can only quote on the items you have asked for, if there are any other items you need doing that will always be an extra and you must ask for a separate quote for this or reqoute for the entire job this will always be the safest way for you and your decorator.

Remember to call us today on 02078346020 it’s a answerphone just leave your name telephone and a short message just to let us know what service you require and we will get back to you as soon as we can, I think you will find that we at A&M Campbell are worth the wait, and you can rely on us through the years to come to always give a great service for you, our next customer.


We look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Campbell
A&M Campbell

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